Friday, March 31, 2006

Ssangyong Medical Clinic

Nice clinic with two General Practioners. Dr. Ko Mi-Hye ( ) is fluent in English and she has a nice manner.

Located near Ssangyong Lottemart. Walk down the street towards McDonald's. Ssangyong Medical Clinic 쌍용메디컬의원 is on the second floor. Look up for the sign.

Tel: 041-571-1085.

March 2009 update: this place is still open and has an English speaking doctor.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Yeil Hospital (예일병원)

Located in Ssangyong-dong between E-mart and Carrefour. If you have a pain in the butt (literally) you should see the self proclaimed "Butt hole Doctor" (똥꼬의사) Dr. Nam Ho-tak (남호탁.) He has a great sense of humour and speaks English. This hospital specializes in colon disorders and hemorrhoid problems.

Hours are Mon.-Fri 9 to 6. Sat. 9-1. Tel: 041-571-7000 Press extension # 180 to speak to Mrs. Doh the head nurse.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Myung Eye Clinic (명안과)

Located in Ssangyong-dong near Lotte Mart, above the Hana bank (하나은행) 3 rd floor. The opthamologistt, Ahn Chan-kyung, speaks English. Tel: 041-576-8876.

Ewha Women's Hospital (이화여성병원)

Located in Ssangyong-dong near E-mart. Has great facilities and a very kind nursing staff. The chief doctor is Dr. Lee Jong-min (이종민) She speaks excellent English. Direct Phone Number: 041-570-1211 Or you can talk to the sweet head nurse, Ms. Park Bo-rim.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dankook University Hospital (단국대학교병원)

This is one of the largest general hospitals in Cheonan, is located near the Cheonan I.C. This hospital often treats American military servicemen.

Contact head nurse Ms. Ju Yeon-sook, Tel: 041-550-6320.